Sunday, August 30, 2009

A tip to excessive electricity cost an a painting story

In a coversation this was a tip given about the ultra high electric costs an eliminating excessive wastes in electric bills due to airconditioning and the reality of how much heat a roof is exposed to and absorbes ...
the conversation started out like this .

My goodness that seems an awful lot to remove an install a part it must be the AC compressor itself ?
in which yeah I could understand such .
It seems these day's especially things such as that are higher an higher in price costs an maintenance issues .
but I am glad your getting it fixed though .
hopefully your electric bill will go down a bit from now on .
that's seems excessively high .
our house is 1250 sq ft enclosed area an as I stated before I have no garage . although I occupy one of three bedrooms I seal off the other two rooms plus keep closets closed and the drapes and blinds closed . I'll open the exterior doors once in awhile but usually keep them shut when the air on . usually in the evening an night the airs on lowering in at night from 76 to 73 in the morning after letting the dog out we usually opening up the house with the air off till noon at least to refresh the house by then its 78 - 80 in the house n we turn it back on again the only window that still has a drapes but they r spread apart is the kitchen sink window to look out on the brick patio all the rest are mini blinds shut tight in a up position not to let in extra sunlight . although as I do remember seeing you have no shade what so ever . and my house is just about 75 % covered in shade from the trees our electric bill is as I can remember 120 dollars I think its fpl .
but the house I used to have on beach side I do remember 600 dollar electric bills all the time during the summer months augh! it was amazing the difference . now one trick I used there was I had put a sprinkler on the roof it was one of those sweep types it had a upside down v shaped base in all it fit perfectly on the top crest of the roof I had wrapped the hose around one of the toilet exhaust pipes sticking up so that the hose doesn't fall off the roof when I turned on the pressure to it but in a real surprised effect just turning on the water for a few minutes . I had it rigged up just outside the door a valve in the middle of the hose to reach out n turn on the pressure as I said just 2-5 minutes was all several times during the hottest part of the day . usually noon 2 an 4 o'clock as I said just 2-5 minutes each time it was amazing how hot the water was running off the roof it was almost steaming at first an cooled rather quickly in the 2 minute period but even after turning it off it was very apparent the cooling differences inside . my cost of water went up 20 dollars but my cost of electricity went down 200.00 I later installed a water pump out of the ground an a sprinkler system with 4 sprinklers up on the corners of the roof those tick tick tick kind of sprinklers they had 12 ft extentions out of the ground an actually strapped to the very corners extending up about three ft on each side they were in a full circle motion so not only did they water the roof but the yard all the way around the house which created a evaporation effect actually pulling the heat off and around the house as it evaporated there was absolutely no shade at all there .
I set the timer on 5 minute intervals 9 times a day 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . now yes the pump costs electricity but not much the water was free pumping it out of the ground an I was fortunate to NOT have sulfur water .
The well cost 400 dollars the pump cost 250 an the pvc pipes sprinklers timer etc. around 250. So lets see that was 900 bucks a lot ya think but in the end my electric bill was 225.00 dollars that's a 375 dollar savings every month during the summer I was absolutely amazed the savings paid for my expenses in a few months an I lived in that same house for ten years with the same system running my electric over the next few months after that was never over 250 an we kept the ac on all the time . Now the next step I took was to apply a very thick ultra white coating type paint over my existing brown shingles similar as yours . It was called polar bear coatings and sealer paint solutions . as I said it was ultra bright white very thick type coatings paint I bought ten 5 gallon buckets they were 50 dollars each so that's 550 dollars with the extra paint rollers and tax. the house roof was 1000 sq ft close or similar to yours I'm not sure of your sq footage . Anyway's I got up on the roof in the end of winter an rolled it over my existing shingles two coats following a downwards direction on the final sweep each time . I rolled it in very well though in both directions actually sealing the shingles together and putting around a quarter inch thick covering after it was completely dry of coating to the entire roof it was so bright white the reflection off it was blinding . also that same roof went through several hurricanes an never not one shingle was lost to where the neighbors on both sides lost an excessive amount of shingle pieces and there roofs leaked after that . my electric bill then went down another 50 dollars a month after that I was using the water sprinkler system too as I spoke of earlier 600.00 electric bills were then anywhere from 150 to 175 after that over the years as I said ten years in the house as I said before the first electric bills were 600 that was 12 years ago . I did that as I described above within the first year occupying the house my last electric bill was 172.00 after ten years of savings not taking account of or considering the raising an cost increases of electricity the saving were completely amazing . another note the roof was recoated once five years later as it began to appear dirty it never lost a shingle and the roof that was already 8 years old before the first coating lasted the entire time an in great condition for an additional ten years . the new owners bought the house an went through extensive remodeling an expansion an replaced the roof some years later . but in all the savings were overwhelming the yard turned beautiful and green and the roof held up with only one re coating after 5 years of the first two coats just for looks really an the extra thickness of the coatings helped I'm sure even more as to additional savings . it was truly amazing the reality in the savings

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