Monday, March 30, 2009



How much should you charge to paint a single room ?

Is the question .

Significantly the intensity is in the details which by the way you left out .

Are there baseboards, trim , doors , widow frames , A chair rail , possibly crown moulding ?

The ceiling is there any detail ?

Are you just painting the walls what about the floor is there carpet that has to be protected ?

Or is it marble tile or a beautiful wood floor that just a drop of paint can ruin your day .

Your time is valuable ! Truly an creatively the details are a value to any job .

Also don't ever forget is there nail holes to be patched . And are the walls bare an in need of priming .

Also and as I have learned there is many more alternatives in the situation to consider do you have to buy the paint yourself an be sure there is enough or are they playing cheap an have already bought the paint .

The cheapest product may need a second coat even perhaps a third one to cover over a difficult color.

In which you have to allow for drying time an possibly coming back again and again until its dry in order to proceed to the next necessary item in the room due to the fact the wall connects to the trim an could possibly be a dramatically different color as well as could very well be a totally different kind of paint as in that wall paint may be a latex or acrylic and the trim paint may be a oil or varnish .

Yes the truth is in the details .

Quite frankly time is valuable an you may very well be being set up for a dramatic realization an a significant loss of money by not placing a certain value upon you time .

Be very cautious in doing so there is no certain formula to go by but in away to eliminate a total loss due to an overlooked error in judgement signify the details as much as possible in writing giving details to expenses or hours of conclusion in an estimate .

Specifically point out every single detail in order of completion in an outline of the tasks at hand an realise your ability and expertise is worth money .

Your knowledge is power an the use of appropriate tools can be a valuable commodity make use of it a be aware of crisis an pitfalls you know the what ifs the reality of running out of paint an having to retrieve it again a trip to the store takes time an several trips can take up to an entire day as well as carting around equipment ladders ,tarps ,brushes, buckets, rollers ,handles extension poles , tape paper the machine to handle it .
Even the tape n paper dispenser itself can be a expensive product but in all it greatly reduces the time to appropriately get it together an prepare the floor for the splatters of rolling the walls .

Cleaning up can an will be part of the expense an don't forget even the time it takes to write this article as a significant part of the job in creating the effect of detailed analysis an projected estimate can an will be a significant realisation in your customers mind in so which your customer will realise that "HEY" .
You " ACTUALLY " Really just might know what your doing .

As heard before the truth is in the details .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


THE QUESTION OF REFINISHING AN STRIPPING AN OLD TRUNK ESPECIALLY VENEERED FURNITURE ........................................................................Veneer seems to be the most fragile of wood refinishing tasks . But effectively it's easy as long as the edges of the veneer is intact completely . The best paint n varnish remover . That I can recommend is called DADS STRIPPER ' PAINT N VARNISH REMOVER ... It comes in quarts and gallons although I recommend the quarts there is a small spray bottle Attached that comes with the can that can be filled with the stripper "use a plastic funnel " to fill wipe off spills on the bottle completely n attach spray nodule ! be very careful with this product . It is extremely caustic an will burn your skin effectively n be very painful . Have a wet rag handy ! the best part of DADS STRIPPER is that it is reduced by water and or mineral spirits ! the wet rag is for your hands arms etc to wipe off..... Don't use the water wet rag on the furniture use mineral spirits ! It will not raise the fine veneer as water will ! Lay out a tarp or news papers effectively around your work an under using several layers try 5 or 6 as the stripping process is very messy . work in a ventilated area . but away from weather ! your are going to need to let this project sit between stripping processes and drying time to refinish such project . I suggest to refinish the product upside down at first getting the bottom done an sides . first n second strip spray the stripper on the chest until wet completely let sit for a few minutes up to 15 min. use a rounded edge scraper the product will begin its process of swelling up the old paint - varnish you'll see it kinda wrinkle n get fat . gently scrap off old fat varnish ( scrap stuff into an coffee can or soup can ) wipe off your scraper with a rag an continue till you cant get anymore fat wrinkles off ..... its very messy but take your time .. don't get it on you an keep children n pets away ! then using a wet rag (mineral spirits ) wipe off excess varnish that has been loosened ! areas with details etc . a very soft brass wire brush can be used to agitate the fine detailed areas if there are any . if the first stripping process didn't get all the old varnish off . reapply spray until wet an let sit a few minutes again re scrap an rag off with a wet (mineral spirits rag) discard rags scraping debris into the can ! ( an old coffee can works best ) for trash ! as you proceed with such stripping methods until your wood seems as the varnish is completely removed ! lift trunk remove a layer of paper that is dirty . then replace truck back on fresh paper right side up or top up . having the bottom an edges done then begin on top an sides again the reverse direction of applying stripper to the sides will help an might not need as much stripping process as the top but it is helpful as to getting all the old varnish off completely . remember that the trunk could have been varnished multiple times so each coat is another stripping process . be gentle the wood will soften an be scratched deeply or gouged by the putty knife . once a desired stripping effect is achieved wipe off completely using dampened wet mineral spirits rags . throwing everything into a coffee can . you might need several cans or an old pail as there will be used quite a few rags an the paper n stripping excess fat sludge is all flammable . when done dispose of properly do not ... do not let the rags an paper sit in open sunlight or in a garage get it outside an into the garbage can away from your house .. this product reacts with it self an can become combustible ! all by itself ! this is serious ! do not use this product near any open flames or even near a hot water heater or any other pilot light ! the fumes can build up an ignite the air ! seriously ! dispose of properly ! once your chest is completely stripped an wipe off let sit to dry perhaps several days will be necessary . before applying varnish ! remember to take your time be careful with using any type of paint stripper an get fresh air if the fumes becomes to overwhelming to endure use a electric fan if necessary to push fumes away from your face an breathing areas ! i am very serious about these cautions i exhibit . take what I have to say seriously this is a voice from 30 years experience . !!!! have fun an enjoy your work . an please take your time in refinishing . if you have any further question don't hesitate to ask . here's a link to see this and other answers about painting an stripping as i post a blog for others to read n enjoy . My E MAIL Address is for any further personal questions an answers directly . feel free to ask an be sure to write in subject line of e mail (as to painting stripping etc .) so that I wont glance over an delete it.......... THANK YOU