Sunday, January 4, 2009


How to fix corners where paint comes off ?

Well you question has no specifics generally how bad is it ?

further explanation may help but oh well I'LL JUMP IN AN ASUME THE WORST !

How bad is it ? If it's completly trashed . Take a picture an post it here .

What happened ? As above a picture would really help .

Did it effect the corner bead underneath the plaster - dry wall etc? If so there will be a verticle crack going up the wall about an inch an a half from the corner .

There is a drywall patching compound available called ultra light patching compound !

this is the quickest easiest patching compound it is very light weight soft paletable an easy to use . very small container can be purchased . " half pint "

Get a finger full like a dab of peanut butter it will stick to your finger well lightly smear the ultra light compound in the crack rubbing in circles. The crack will dissappear


Let dry . touch up after a few hours with paint by blotting over the affected area.

Is there dry wall compound missing ? Same as above but if a larger missing area . use a pallet , spatula or even get a compareable blob of the compound an press into the void by hand . remember to blow of all dust in the area first an pry away any loose particles before applying blob of compound smooth out area with your finger as best as possible till excess looks smooth around missing area dont build up higher than apparent area . alllow to dry a few hours may do you actually can wipe this material with a dampened cloth rag or even a paper towel to smooth out if there is any excess the may be a bit to unsightly .

remember your trying to match the coresponding areas . if so maybe blotting while compound is still wet to appear as texture or after first patch is dry an cured you can reapply a little more to match coresponding area's .?

Or is it just paint ? I f its just paint . get out your trusty paint bucket shake well an blot the area with a q tip , rag , or a small brush .

if you dont have paint but want to conseal it a bit -toothpaste white will at least cover it .

the area temporary " if a dark area underneath" the toothpaste will eventually dry an can be repainted later at least the unsightly area will be disguised a bit . . this is a last resort of necessity but not recomended as a complete repair .

if you have any further need of help i hope this covers the featured question but if you wish you can contact me direct at or you can contact me here also if you wish.
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