Saturday, December 27, 2008


As to your interest in painting contrast ....

Well to give thought into the reality of what you may have explained for one yes the ceiling white is a defining plus to a straight edge of corresponding color of the wall or if there's a crown molding of sort a multiple division between wall color trimmings of the crown an a flat basic white in the ceiling......

Now as to your trim usually a gloss or semi gloss an in some instances a satin gives a variable luster difference between the wall an trim variance especially in a darker wall color seems to set off the details to a dramatic perspective .

Now as to the windows an the unusual variance you described now generally the trim flow throughout the entire house should be the same . in one point think of the painting of all such involved . the reality of time consumption in effort of changing colors an cleaning up equipment etc. is incredible when especially the idea an consideration of multi colors .

For your windows to blend throughout the trim they should match the trim . to uniquely dramatize the window consider your drapes blinds drop sash whatever the covering is where the illustration of effort should be considered .

Now one point in reality think of yourself for the future as the years pass an time continues to relate to the trimmings that's where the abuse comes into effect that , that is run into touched worn on by vacuum cleaners furniture movers an especially children that seem to be the most destructive on a quality expression of paint yes the little nippers seem to put they're hands everywhere not to mention the crayons or toys constantly pounding scraping an destroying the paint .

One point a thought of a surface washable quality paint should be considered when children are involved .. yes messy they are so many times I have seen parents ultimately pulling they're hair out due to the fact they're precious little snowflakes have ruined they're very expensive considerations of contrasting colors an trim work .

It does happen an the reality of effort is exactly the entire point I am trying to explain . Imagine touching up your multi color trim in the future the more the same color trim is flowing through the house the easier it will ultimately be.

One more point as to your doors no they don't have to be the same color after all they are doors the most beautiful difference I have seen is a nice wall color with white trim but the door itself was made of real wood instead of this cheap pressed cardboard type that actually looks like wood but quite frankly it isn't an doesn't stain or varnish an that is what I would like to point out if you buy a cheap product it will reflect cheap forever an the quality an lasting effect usually doesn't last forever they break easily fall apart when humidity levels are in the 80 percent range which happens an the occasional flood or mishap in the bath area those composite doors absorb water like a sponge an soon become worthless junk .

A true real effect of dramatic proportion is to have real wood doors stained an varnished to a luster beautiful reflection an possibly matching wood floors or cabinetry really sets them off giving a much more dramatic display throughout the house ....

After all it's your house an your choice to live with for the duration of those colors which in reality the painting should really be something that is changed constantly have an enduring color that will blend with your furnishings or at least complement such .

An as for the little snowflakes well good luck with them they are destructive to just about everything in the house a cheap cabinetry will not stand up to the test of time with children climbing on them standing on the handles to climb up on them etc.

Quality durability is always a consideration when building . there is so much to consider . Try not to stress yourself out an in choosing colors well try out painting a piece of wood an dry wall an look at it together try a big enough piece that will allow the full effect of color to be a relatable illusion to allow a understanding how that color may relate to the rest of the house applications, flooring , cabinetry , furniture , drapes , etc , etc .

Good luck an enjoy your new home...