Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A QUESTION OF CROWN MOULDING to Short ceilings and a refrence to painting instead to reduce dark cave effect

Short ceilings, dark wood throughout - is crown molding the answer?

We have 8 foot ceilings, dark wood trim and wondering if crown molding will help or hurt the resale value? There is so much dark wood throughout the house it is like a cave. If we put in crown molding, what would be a good width size to put up and since everything is dark wood and it is a 30 year old house, would it look strange to put up white crown molding or better to use dark molding or none at all and then use chair railing instead.
Answer :
The cost effective relevance will not help . It might even make the room squattier . thus forth lowering the wall appearance . Applying crown moulding of such in effect is the type of ornamentation for large rooms with high ceilings . 8 ft really isn't that much . With the prices of moulding nailing it up filling in the holes caulking and of course painting etc. will be quite costly . The real point you clairify is dark wood and a cave effect . A cost effective solution to such would be priming and painting the all the dark wood and trimmings . One note by doing just the frames and trimmings first . might help and illuminate the doors darkness although over all reducing the vastness depth and darkness . might be tried first . Remove all the doors plus hardware hunges etc. stick them in one room or the garage . Then tackle the project head on . In painting over a dark wood especially varnished the used of an Oil based primer is best to cover effectively without problems of peeling down the road . The new type acrylic primers will bond but will not produce a top quality easy job they certainly are much harder to deal with in applications . My suggestion is to go with a oil base KILZ "PRODUCT NAME" PRIMER ! Then get a good quality oil based finish paint . Benjamin Moore is by far the very best oil base paint I have ever used and already has all the additives as to brush flow performance in it . Although a quart of penitrol addative is suggested especially for the less professional brush master to help in applying the primer and the paint to reduse brush drag and lengthen the tack up drying time effectively allowing a bit more working time to spread out the paint easier. Whites are the best at blocking out such darkness adding color will reduce you over all depth change but also may contrast the effects of wall colors. heres my blog on painting tips that also may help a bit > http://paintingtips-dirtdog.blogspot.com/ After painting all the trim and door frames try bringing out a door putting it in place to get an over all view as to the effect . If then it is still noticeably to dark then by all means paint the doors too.